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The ASPB Stargaze has been the premier annual observing event of the Astronomical Society of the Palm Beaches for many years.  Each Stargaze has been held at a dark sky site offering spectacular views of deep sky objects.  For the 2017 Stargaze, we will return to George DeBarros’ “Milky Way Ranch” in Venus, Florida.  The sky is exceptionally dark at Venus with magnitude 6 stars visible with the unaided eye on clear nights, providing wonderful views of a bright, easily visible Milky Way and remote galaxies.  Not only are the usual winter sky highlights of Orion, Auriga and Gemini visible, but many highlights of the southern sky, such as the huge globular cluster Omega Centauri (actually visible to the unaided eye), the active galaxy Centaurus A and the beautiful spiral galaxy M83 may also be seen.  The sky was so dark and transparent one night at the 2016 Stargaze that we were able to see a 7th magnitude AAVSO reference star with averted vision and without optical aid.