With the Saturday session SHMUTZed out, Sam arranged for a Sunday night session for those of us in
By 7:30 there were six scopes set up and amazingly clear skies with decent seeing. Several of the usual
suspects were there. Diana Hannikainen, our fantastic newsletter editor came to her first official ASPB
viewing session.
Objects observed included Jupiter (of course), M42, M35, the “37” cluster, the double cluster in Perseus,
several double stars, the crab nebula and others.
We also able to see some nebulosity associated with the Rosette Nebula.
At about 9:15 however, somehow the sky realized that Sam was looking up and the clouds magically
rolled in. We packed up by about 9:30. Despite the brevity, it was a good night and I was happy to finally
get my 18 out of the back of my van for a while.