Friday March 4 was our normally scheduled star gaze at the Pine Glades Natural Area in Jupiter. The
forecast for mostly clear skies and pleasant temperatures. While some of our club members were up at
Venus for the clubs annual event searching for the milky way, we were seeing somewhat milky skies.
The sunset was at 6:25 and to our surprise, the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket lifted off on time at 6:35. We had
clear views of it as it came down the coast, separated the first stage and headed east.
Bob Guzauskas, Dave Daniels, Eleanor Harris, Bill Harris, Larry Hoffman, Leo Lombardi plus myself all
enjoyed a fairly good night. There were many sights to enjoy including:
Jupiter with all 4 moons
M42 and the Trapezium in Orion
The Bee Hive M44
The double star in the Big Dipper, Mizar A and Mizar B along with Alcor Along with many others.
Once again, the mosquitoes were not present.

See April club newsletter for photos!