I’ve tried taking pictures through the eyepiece with a cell phone, but always little problems like I’m not
steady, difficulty centering, and/or light leakage have pretty much led to spastic results. Some members
have made custom phone cases that worked for them, but I have a phone case that is difficult to get off
and on, so I did not lean that way. Vendors such as Orion have had some offerings, but with mixed
reviews that did not thrill me.
Recently Orion came out with a new model (read problematic delivery date until they get their first
production run in house from overseas), and it sounded like it addresses some of the previous issues.
When they finally got them available for shipment, I ordered one and during the past month received it
and gave it a couple of test outings. The early results are shown below taken with my iPhone 6+ (that
Orion platform can accommodate). On the left is one for a Personal solar Telescope (PST) that shows
off filaments, a sunspot, and one of a few prominences (the PST has a “sweet spot” for making these
show, but could not show all in one photo). I have not mastered the “tricks” to photograph the PST
views, so this is much better than the non-photo results to date with this unit by other means. On the
right is a photo of the moon. My 8” SCT and webcam can do better, but the convenience is much
greater with this method. I’ve even heard of some users that provide this capability for outreach events
so that the kids can use their own cell phones and then have a “take-away” from the session. Not sure
yet if I can do that, but it is an interesting spin-off.

See August 2016 newsletter for photos!