On Friday, January 15TH, club member Tom Sarko was the presenter at the Loggerhead Astronomy
Night. This was the fourth in a series of five events our club is running at Loggerhead this
season. Well over 30 members of the public attended Tom’s presentation on the night sky. Six
club members were in attendance to offer technical support, assist with seating and distribute
outreach material. Following Tom’s fine presentation and the Q & A session, a member of
Loggerhead’s staff introduced the audience to the use of sky quality meters. Later on, outside
under clearing skies enthusiastic program participants were able use the SQMs and to observe
the night sky with scopes and mounted binoculars set up by Hans Heynau, John O’Brien, Quin
Travers, and Irene Garbo. Visible were the moon (a waxing crescent that was 41% illuminated)
with its Sea of Tranquility at sunset, the Pleiades, the Andromeda galaxy and the Orion Nebula.
Several club members helped a family which had brought its new telescope to try out. This
proved a good opportunity to encourage attendance at observing session like JD.
Given weather conditions earlier in the day, it was, indeed, an unexpectedly good evening. Our
own club member viewing sessions should be so lucky as we were that night. Thanks to all who
helped; a special thanks to Tom Sarko for his fine presentation which set the stage for our
outdoor session.