For the evening of July 16th, Sam Storch had alerted the members via the club Yahoo Group that a nice
flare event was predicted in our local member area. While a maximum was not predicted for Tequesta, I
took the opportunity to try to capture it with a camera on a tripod in the back yard. Vega and the stars
in Lyra near the ring nebula region were a good spot to watch for the start of the flare. The first photo
below illustrates about 80% cropped from the 70 X 46 degree camera FOV. You can see the start of the
Flare occurring below and to the right of Vega. The flare trail was visible for quite a while after the
maximum of the “cat yawning” – to the right. The second photo is a tighter crop of the active flare
region captured in the first photo. The bright region to the right in both images is due to the
“moonglow” in the region of sky toward the moon’s location in the sky. Nice to capture and be able to
share the event with friends and family in other locations.

See August 2016 Newsletter for photos!