One of the club loaner scopes has been returned and is
available to a member to get a start in stargazing and use
at public outreach events. This is a nice, light (13 lb),
portable unit that will not overload your car (rides in a
seat with a seat belt around it to secure it). It comes with
a EZ Finder II red dot finder and 2 eyepieces (17 mm for
26X magnification and 6 mm for 75X). It has a 113 mm
primary mirror and has a handy Dobson type mount so
you’ll be ready to observe in no time at all. Contact
President Steve Schiff if you’d like to check this loaner
scope out from the club. The scope is currently in the
custody of Hans Heynau (who most likely cannot make the
May meeting), but can possibly be transferred to the lucky
member at Pine Glades or at the June meeting (or
privately, if mutual meeting arrangements can be worked
out). If you haven’t gotten your first personal telescope
yet, here’s a convenient and handy way to learn what
features you might like when you get your own!

Left. Orion StarBlast loaner scope items (ruler & table not
included). Note: The 6” ruler on the scope base to size

See May club newsletter for photos!