I’ve sent in pictures of Aristarchus and Herodotus before, but not when the Sun was just rising on them.
The crater Aristarchus is the brightest feature just right of center. Its floor is shadowfilled
and only the
interior west wall is brightly lit by the rising Sun. Aristarchus is about 25 miles in diameter. Just to the
right of Aristarchus is the crater Herodotus, about 2.5 miles smaller. The exterior east wall is weakly lit
and the first rays of the Sun are hitting the rim of the west wall. The semicircle
to the upper left is the
buried crater Prinz. This image was taken with my C11 and Celestron Neximage 5 Solar System Camera
in seeing so poor that I couldn’t achieve and maintain focus. The video file was processed in Registax and
the stack of 10 out of 159 frames was finished in Photoshop Elements.

See May 2016 newsletter for photos!