Thursday night, cloudy.
Friday night, high clouds at dusk as seen in the sunset photos. Then I happened to notice the side of a tall
thunderstorm on the horizon, lit up orange by the sunset. Wait, there is an arced white cloud coming out
of the top of it.....then I realized that it was a rocket launch. SpaceX was launching a payload to the Space
Station from Cape Canaveral. I shouted to the group and grabbed my binoculars to see the separations
and tumbling boosters. It caught everybody off guard.
Great way to start the night. Then after tinkering with the scope a bit I looked up and almost fell over. A
thick black blanket with glitter all over it lie overhead. Wasn't even all the way dark yet. Then while
looking up, a meteor goes sailing across the sky directly overhead along the Milky Way. Leaving a brief
smoke trail. A couple people were lucky enough to catch it. Saw many galaxies and the Great Red Spot
on Jupiter showed up easily. Then clouds came in around 10 or 11. No more sky.
Saturday looking good. It was good. For the first time I was able to see Galaxy structure in M51
whirlpool Galaxy through Kye's 15" scope.
Observed many other galaxies and saw the dancing of Jupiter's moons.
Then everything seemed to fade away. Clouds. Then cleared up for a bit then faded away for the night.

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